M&A Advisory Firm Announces Launch in Cincinnati

Capital Tactics Inc., an advisory firm focused on Mergers and Acquisitions, announced commencement of operations in the Cincinnati metro market effective June 16, 2021.

Capital Tactics Inc. Q4 Update

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Time Kills All Deals

The longer a deal drags on the more likely it is either side will have second thoughts or the external environment can change. 

Risk Management and M&A Strategy

Risk can be considered in two dimensions: the first is risk due to external forces: customer problems, supply chain backlog, employee problems; the second is risk due to action or inaction by a business owner.

Dealing with Financial Distress

Overcoming financial distress for the business owner can be enormously challenging. And frightening. Many businesses tilt and run low on cash. Doing nothing in such a situation is like running on a treadmill, going nowhere fast. And this almost inevitably leads to failure.  Far too many business owners have suspended operations and liquidated their companies, only…

Cincinnati M&A advisory firm spins out from big accounting firm

A mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that merged with one of Cincinnati’s largest accounting firms two and a half years ago is spinning out and returning to independent operation.