Since 1996, this Midwest-based organization has provided highly skilled, project-based industrial and commercial construction services in various industries such as the energy, pulp & paper, steel, mining, manufacturing, aerospace, and transportation industries.

This company performs projects in size from $1k to $20MM across 10 different states. The company has a strong customer presence in the Midwest and operates from a 35,000 square foot facility. This company focuses on custom fabrication supporting industrial field operations as well as miscellaneous steel packages for larger projects. Common items include large scale ducts, chutes, trusses, cones, and kilns for industrial clients and platforms, stairs, ladders, walkways, and handrails for all clients.

This company holds an ASME “R” Stamp (certified by the NBIC) and performs work on pressure piping and boilers. This company has electrical licenses in multiple states and always keeps a small team of electricians on staff. The company also has a variety of large equipment including a 75-ton crane, a 60-ton crane, and a 26-ton boom truck amongst others.

This company has built and repaired numerous conveying systems including transporting coal in power plants or luggage in airports. This company’s mechanical branch is a specialist in material handling. Through strong partnerships with its clients, they have signed maintenance contracts with facilities to maintain their operations with preventative maintenance, as well as to perform outage overhauls. This company delivers on both capital projects as well as repair & maintenance projects.

In mid-2023, this company now has the largest project backlog (with the highest profit margins) in its history. The aggressive business development efforts initiated in 2021 have resulted in a robust sales pipeline which has helped the company rebound post-COVID.


2020 2021 2022 2023 Proj
Revenue  $ 20,693,185  $ 12,318,226  $ 14,769,596  $ 15,900,000
Tot Adj EBITDA  $ 810,341  $ (885,512)  $ 539,342  $ 1,885,420
Adj EBITDA % Of Revenue 4% -7% 4% 12%


Purchase Opportunity

Upon interest in the purchase of this company and to obtain further information, please contact Chris Plageman, Capital Tactics, at chris@capital-tactics.com, (513) 680-265